The Craftsman House

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Varsity View, Saskatoon

Square Feet

1,600 sq. ft.

“From the first meeting on I have been impressed with Kurt and Rodelle’s communication, flexibility, creativity and adaptability and how seriously they take client relationships. On the day I officially took possession of the house I was to arrive at a given time. Rodelle had made arrangements, without my knowledge, to contact my family and arrange for a picture of my siblings and myself as young children (a 60-year-old black-and-white photo) to be blown up and hung in the house. When I arrived, I was confused about how that picture could possibly be on the wall. It was the perfect gift from the perfect building company.”

– Trent Watts

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Favourite Design Features

Exterior Brick
Exterior brick flowing inside to the fireplace
handmade fir shelving
curbless shower
curbless shower



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